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We hope you can find some helpful information on our website. Butler Farms is focused on providing up to date information on anaerobic digesters, covered lagoons, carbon credits, composting, swine waste to electricity, off farm food waste to electricity, by mixing it with swine waste. This mixing process enhances the bio gas methane you produce and can extend your ability to produce electricity year round. We are currently introducing "Micro Grid Technology to our farm system.

We have been doing extensive, expensive research at the farm since 2008. We started with lagoon covers, carbon credits and have, since the early days, moved on to generating electricity from swine waste methane. We are currently working on a system to mix off farm food waste with swine manure to produce even more electricity. We are looking into solids separation to keep from filling up our limited capacity for sludge in our current lagoons. We are currently installing a newer improved system to remove hydrogen sulfide, excess moisture and a chiller to cool the gas.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

180 KW Gen-Set

Thank You

NC Sustainable

Energy Association

for this Award.

Photo Includes:

Covered Lagoon #2

Waste Mix Tank

Solar Panels

Odor Wind Walls

4 of 10 finish barns

Generator Shed

Complete mix AD

Power Grid SREMC

Covered Lagoon #1

Butler Farms Microgrid

We Care for our Animals 

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